Fifine K025 Wireless Microphone Review

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hey what's up YouTube how's it goingit's meats abayas here make sure tosubscribe to my channel for cover songsreviews and vlogs today I have awireless microphone review by a companycalled fine and we're going to go aheadand do a quick unboxing right nowfollowed by a demo and review so let'sgo ahead and start unboxing this thingyou can get this microphone for about$30 on Amazon that's where I got it I'llgo ahead and put a link in thedescription below this microphone costs$30 making it pretty affordable onething about this microphone is that Ithink it would be ideal for like karaokebecause it's wireless and you won't haveto worry about people like tripping overit and stuff and then also at a price of$30 you're not gonna have to worry aboutlike some drunk person like droppingyour microphone and like messing it upso okay cool let me go ahead and showyou what's in here so inside we got somelooks like contact info followed by thisis probably like the instructions oklet's go ahead and look at this nicethere's actual microphones cool andthere should be a receiver in here it'spadded pretty well yeah here's thereceiver right here has a quarter inchjack you just plug this into like yourPA system or like your interfacewhatever so just from what I'm readingright now on the Amazon page thebatteries should last for a full 5 hoursif you're using like decent qualitybatteries and probably what everybodywants to know is what the range of thewireless microphone is it is supposed tobe 65 feet as long as you're in range itsays so I'm assuming that it's 65 feetas long as you're not going behind likeany walls or anything that's what I'mguessing it means but we are gonna goahead and test that today so for thisnext part I'm gonna go ahead and plugthe receiver into my Presonus firestudio interface and I'm going to run itthrough Logic Pro without any effects orany plugins or anything like that justto show you guys the pure quality of themicrophone without you knowanything distorting the audio qualitylike the microphone of my camera so Iwant to show you guys the pure qualityof the microphone but before I do that Iam going to have to get some batteriesit looks like the microphone I think ittakes double-a batteries and thereceiver takes triple-a okay nice andgreen light okay it looks like themicrophone takes two doublea's let's seethere we goit looks like there are multiplechannels on the microphone so I'massuming that's to avoid interferenceespecially if you have maybe twomicrophones instructions are saying thatwhen the receiver and the microphone areboth on the receiver light should turnfrom green to red and then you'll knowthat they're paired correctlyhello microphone check one two one twoso now you're hearing this microphonegoing through the interface beingrecorded into Logic Pro so we're hearingthe pure sound from this microphone itsounds very good I have no complaintsabout it so farso dynamic microphones like this one youhave to speak or sing right into the topof it let's just see how it sounds whenI move the microphone aroundcheck check check check check checkcheck check check check check checkcheck check check check check checkcheck check check alright let's test thedistance from the microphones in mymouthcheck check check check check checkcheck check so you really have to bepretty close to the microphone the goodthing about that is for a lot ofamateurs if you're trying to set up asound system say you're doing karaoke atyour house or you're like practicingwith a band or something you might getfeedback a lot but I feel like with thesensitivity being pretty close to themicrophone like the sensitivity rangeyou might avoid feedback more that waybecause you'll be less likely to pick upsound from the speaker if you know whatI'm talking about so the next thingwe're going to have to test is the rangeso we're gonna have to go do thisoutside because I don't really haveenough room in here all right guys we'reoutside now I'm about to test the rangeof the microphone and I was just lookingon the Amazon page again here it saysright here it says the range is about 65feet within sight but then up here itsays work in the range of over 80 feetso I'm actually quite confident thatthis microphone will reach over 65 feetso this is where I'm gonna do it sowe're counting the interface will beright there with the receiver so fromthere to the back where that wall is allthe way back therethat's roughly 65 feet so let's gobecause um the way I counted is likeeach one of these squares of concreteon the ground is roughly 5 feet so it'sthe microphone should work from whereI'm standing right now all the way tothat back wall all right check checkhere we are we're pretty close to thereceiver I'm gonna go ahead and startmoving back I won't actually be able tohear if the microphone cuts in or outbut it shouldn't cut out because this isaround 50 sorry 65 feet here we gocheck check check microphone check is itstill working is it still working I'mgonna go all the way back going for 65feetmy parents are sitting back here I don'tknow if you guys could see themeverybody say hello I'm still talking ohyou wanna say hi mom here's my mom righthere hi there I'm just checking out thismicrophone and it sounds pretty good butyou can't hear you can't hear it becauseit's recording the computer all rightguys do you guys hear any backgroundnoise that's another thing we'll lookfor because I don't think you should youshouldn't hear any background noisebecause the sensitivity is so close andnow we're at the full 60 65 feet fromthe receiver so let's see I'm gonna goback I'm gonna start making my way backsee if the see if the quality changes Iwon't know until I play this back on mycomputer check check check here we gohere we go here we go here we go here wego here we go here we go walk walk walkwalk walk check check check check checkand we're back we're back right by thereceiver all right guys I just playedback what we just recorded doing thedistance test like the range of themicrophone and it sounded like thequality did not change one thing is thatmy parents we're talking to me when Iwas back there but you could not themicrophone did not pick it up so that'sgood it's only picking up what'shappening like right here which ispretty good because if you're in like aloud room or something you don't wantthe microphone picking up any backgroundnoise that's definitely a plus so let'sgo head back to the room and so far thismicrophone is looking pretty good guysfor 30 bucks like I don't think you cango wrong with thisalright guys for the next part of thisvideo I'm gonna do like a songdemonstration I'm just kind of like singa song so you guys could hear what whatit sounds like when someone's singingthrough the microphone I'm gonna singlucid dreams by juice worldjust because like I've had that songlike stuck in my head I'm just kind ofseeing like the beginning part I stillsee you shadows in my room can't takeback the love that I gave you it's tothe point where I love it I hate you andI can't I change you so why must replaceyou easier said than done I thought youwere the one listening to my heartinstead of my head you found another onebut I am the better one I won't let youforget me I still see your shadows in myroom can't take back the love that Igave you it's to the point where I loveand I hate you and I cannot change youso why must replace you all easier saidand done I thought you were the onelistening to my heart instead of my headyou found another one but I am thebetter one I won't let you forget mealright guys so now I'm gonna go aheadand give you guys my final review forthe Phi Phi and K zero to five wirelessmicrophone there are about 4 points thatI usually look for in almost everyproduct one of them is reliabilityanother one is quality another one isprice and another one is functionalityobviously I just got this microphone andI have only used it today so I haven'thad it long enough to know how reliableit is but it's definitely been reliablethroughout today I haven't had anyissues with it the quality the qualityfeels pretty good there's some prettygood weight to it and it just seems likenice then there is the price it'sdefinitely an affordable priceespecially I think it's a very good Iguess what's the word for it a very goodvalue $30 for this wireless microphonethat's pretty good and then there's thefunctionality I pretty much was able tojust plug this in and use it right offthe bat another thing I kind of likeabout it which some people might be onthe fence about is that it does useregular batteries and I guess that couldbe a good thing or a bad thing the badthing would be that you have to buybatteries all the time but the thingthat I do like about it is say that ifyou're in the middle of using it andyou're having like a party or you'reperforming or you're speaking in publicsomewhere and the microphoneall of a sudden your batteries run outyou can go ahead and just pop newbatteries in there and it'll work rightaway up opposed to other things whereyou might have to take a certain amountof time to charge it so I do like thatit actually uses batteries and thefunctionality of it is very simple likeI was able to just plug it in and use itright away it was very simple to use Ididn't really I barely even had to lookat the instructions so for me guys I getit I definitely give this product twothumbs up I would probably recommendgetting this if you are in the marketfor a affordably priced wirelessmicrophone my family we have like a bigpool party like at the end of the summerevery year and we always have karaokeand we're definitely gonna use thismicrophone this year because we wereusing like regular wired XLR likemicrophones before this and not havingthe cables is definitely gonna like be abig plus so I'm like very satisfied withthis microphone so far so anyways guysthat pretty much wraps up my review ifyou've never seen any of my other videosgo ahead and check out my channel I docover songs I do vlogs and I do theoccasional review from time to time ifyou like what you see there go ahead andhit that subscribe button and if youliked this video give me a like thatreally helps me out and I will talk toyou guys later peace[Music]

Here is my review of the Fifine K025 wireless microphone! Enjoy!
Here is the link to this microphone on Amazon

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