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Youtube Karaoke Party Setup Wireless Microphones

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hey guys in this video I'll show you mysimple karaoke setup using a set ofwireless microphones and using YouTubefor content my setup involves a smarttelevision wireless microphone systemand a sound bar my smart TV has YouTubebuilt-in but if you don't have a smarttelevision you can always use either achromecast device computer game consoleor any device that would have YouTubethat you can plug up to your TV for mymicrophones I'm using this dual wirelessmicrophone system from our cheer it's adual Channel VHF system with Bluetoothit has two wireless microphones and itacts as a mixer allowing audio from yourTV or Bluetooth to be mixed togetherwith your voice and then sent to youramp or sound bar this particular onefrom our chair has Bluetoothcapabilities like I said and not onlycan you input audio from your televisionbut you can also pair your smartphone ortablet to the microphone receiver andthen send music to it without withouteven needing a television so this systemuses two VHF wireless microphones andwhen you turn them on they willautomatically pair up with the receiveryou can see by the lights turning onI'll show you that they are connectedthere is an additional microphone portin the front where you can add anotherwired microphone if you want but for meI think two is enough included in thebox are two wireless microphones theactual receiver itself and then a poweradapter which is about 12 volts I thinkeach of the microphones are powered bytwo double-a batteries hooking up toyour television is fairly simple I'lljust go over it really quickly you'llneed these two additional wires whicharen't included one of them will outputfrom your television to the microphonereceiver and then another one willoutput from the microphone receiver toyour sound bar these are cables that areessentially 3.5 millimeter headphonejack to 2 RCA jacks for your televisionand sambar and you plug them up on theback of the receiver you can usuallypick these up for about a dollar each ata dollar store so I don't know why theydidn't include this in the first placeso for my television it has two RCAjacks for output you want to plug thatto the input of this microphone systemthen use the other audio cable to outputyour soundbar or powered speakers what'severything is hooked up you can fire upYouTube and start singing with theYouTube application on my TV I can evencue up songs on my tablet or smartphonebasically what I'm doing is using thecasting capability of the YouTube app onmy my tablet to be able to send variousvideos to my television so I'm gonna usemy vizio tv which is in my living roomso I'm gonna cast to that and then thisis a much easier way to pick songsbecause this way you don't have to uselike a clunky remote to type in you knowon the on screen display of yourtelevision instead what we're gonna bedoing is using my tablet here to searchfor our songs since there's so muchcontent on YouTube pretty much everysong that you can think of will mostlikely be on YouTube so all I really dois search for the word karaoke and thenI'll type in the name of the song andthen tap on one of the results and youcan play it immediately or add it toyour cue so I'm gonna hit play and itshould cast it on to my television righthere and you'll see it start playingright now I'm not gonna play any audiobecause I don't want have I don't wannahave YouTube like content match this butwhat you can do now is start cueingother songs so if there's another songthat you want to play you can just tapon it and then go add the cue and thiswhat this will do is they'll add it tothe list of songs that will be in thequeue for playing it's basically like aplaylist so you can start singing onesong and then have maybe somebody elsepick another song and then add it to thequeue and then it'll just play like inorder so this will be very similar tolike some of the karaoke bars that yougo to most of the modern ones now letyou choose various songs using a tabletor some sort of device and then it'squeued up and then when it comes on yougrab the mic and start singingso right now I'm gonna do an audio testwith the microphone I'm actuallyrecording this with my smartphone so itmay not sound as clear as that as it iswhen I'm actually listening to it inperson but it's actually very clear andto use it for karaoke system is prettygood and you can probably use this as aPA as well for a PA system if you hookthis up to one of those bigger speakersand it does have a few features likeecho so if I turn up this dial here andyou can hear it the echo or turn it offcompletely I'm trying to hold it furtheraway from my mouth because it's verysensitive and using a couple of wirelessmicrophones and YouTube you can easilyhave a karaoke setup at home you'll beable to access and stream pretty muchevery song you can think of thanks toYouTube anyways that's it for this videocomment like share or subscribe and Iwill see you in the next videoyou

This is my karaoke setup at home using a dual channel wireless microphone system from Archeer. It mixes the audio from my TV and my voice and sends it my soundbar.

ARCHEER Bluetooth Wireless Microphone System VHF Dual Channel

Fifine UHF Dual Channel Wireless Handheld Microphone K036

3.5mm to RCA cables

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