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Best Cheap Wireless Microphone: Pyle Pro PDWM96 Review

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hey guys Jacob here today we're going tolook at the pile Pro PD W m96 lavaliermicrophone this mic comes in at anastounding $13 on Amazon this price tagbrings two thoughts to mind wow that's amargin and this probably sucks which iswhy it's this episode's feature onbefore you buy the Pyle Pro comes with atransmitter receiver and microphone thereceiver is a 1/4 output so you willneed to adapt it down to a 3.5millimeter this adapter was only anadditional six dollars looking at thereceiver this is the end that receivesthe audio signal from the transmitterand will be plugged into your camera oraudio recording device the power switchis on the side and the battery is on theback it takes a double a now for thetransmitter this is the device thatprocesses the information from themicrophone and then pumps it over to thereceiver you can hold or clip thisdevice to you the top is whereeverything is happening to the left youwill see the volume wheel there's aboutthree spins before you hit the endyou'll get the feel for it once you messwith a little bit next to that is thepower light indicator and then the powerswitch itself last but not least youhave the 3.5 milimeter input jack thisis where your microphone will plug intothe final item is the microphone itselfthe microphone given it comes with awindsock and clip the construction isfull plastic along with the full plasticconstruction it is very large like superfreakin big next we'll test this out andafterwards we'll wrap up with a quickrecap so this is the microphone ataround 30% like 25 to 30%it sounds alright I expect anyways I'vedone a little bit of testing with thismicrophone one thing that you have toreally make sure of is that you keep itfrom peaking because as soon as it Peaksthe distortion isreal and you will see what I mean herein a couple more tests alright now thisis a microphone at about 50% which isabout one and a half turns on the wheelat this level it is pretty good alrightso this is at a 100% and you can nowtell why you should never ever under anycircumstances use this volume level onthis system and I'm at the door so nowyou see what it does whenever you'reoutside of a room and at a distance thatprobably you say about 40 feet 30 30 25feet somewhere in there in recap this isa great microphone for the price onceyou learn how to utilize this piece ofequipment it can really increase yourproduction value things to keep in mindour line of sight so try keeping aslittle between the transmitter andreceiver as possible if you don't youwill see why this system is so cheapanother thing is the audio levels makesure you avoid peaking at all costspeaking is something to avoid in generalbut definitely with this mic as itcauses very intense distortions finallyonce you get enough money to buy anotherlavalier microphone than do it as longas the mics a jack is three point fivemillimeters then it'll work with thissystem I have tried out my shotgunmicrophone with this transmitter andreceiver and it sounds amazing if youwant to see more than comment below orsend us a direct message we would loveto hear your feedback and are open toany questions you may have thanks forwatching

In this episode of Before You Buy Jacob reviews the Pyle Pro PDWM96 Wireless Lavalier Microphone.
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