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$20 Microphone Vs. $12500 Microphone

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Good morning guys; Beth is still sleeping upstairs, it is... *checks time*8:45 on Saturday morning. We're gonna go get a really expensive microphone from a mic rental place todayWe're gonna be comparing that expensive microphone (the most expensive microphone I have ever used) to the cheapest microphonewe could find on Amazon. So John how do you feel about getting to see a...6,000 pound microphone or whatever it is.. I don't even know how much it is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Isn't like testing out the best of something always interesting though?I feel like I would try the best of anything.. I would try the best female hygiene product. (oh?)I would try the best.. like, leg wax. If it's the best, I'll do it! We found a d*** puddle!! This is the right ball-- (lol wtf)*awkward chuckling*This is the left ball, and this.. is.. the other thing. (he gets the point across at least)Content! (whatever you say) I'm expecting quite a difference between the expensive microphone and the cheap microphone I think.Ayyyyy, this is our stop.That's me, I'm just a hillbilly from Sweden. I don't know any better. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We're finally here. at FX, our destinationThere's so much stuff.. Jesus, I wanna know how much all of this is worth must be something insane--- *senses theft* they have REALLY good security here, thoughdon't try anything. *theft averted* Okay, so because we have this microphone now, we're gonna go ahead and take an Uber back.I just feel a bit... *euuughh*I really wonder what the difference is gonna be between them. The thing is, the expensive microphone is like a vintage microphone-A classic.. if they lose it, they can't replace it.just watch and loook at dis work of beutyThis is gonna be my favorite moment of the day. I'm also looking forward to opening up the cheap microphonejust because that's a new microphone and this one has been used like a million times..And THAT is what money looks like okay, so I just found a similar one to this one on eBayThey don't make these microphones anymore-- JeSuS cHrIsT$12,500! That's crazy..I so don't want to drop this right now. The guy at the rental store actually said that there's some bigartists that've probably used this microphone.I may be singing today into the same microphone as someone amazing like, uhh, y'know..Jacob Sartorius or something! If that was true.. I'd just be *boom* blown away.The AKG C12 is ajustifiable legend in the world of microphones. The originals were only made for ten years between1953 and 1963 with approximately2,500 microphones manufactured, and we *wheeze* and we have one of these here right now.. Jesus Christ, the combination of the CK12 capsule and the6,072 tube achieves what many consider the pinnacle of the microphone designers arts.*snickers heartily* And-- and we're gonna compare it to that trash microphone right there! (rip trash mic's feelings)Quincy Jones used this microphone to record All The Singers, and We Are The World*cue jones singing stuff*Yeah, I feel like tha(ha)t's the gist of it-- this microphone is like, very very good!Okay, so it's time for us to unbox just the cheapest.. like, proper microphoneyou can buy on Amazon. Newer logo on amazing packaging.You know you're getting quality stuff when, like there's a rip like this in the bag like right here. You knowThis is the quality that you've been looking for..*is interrupted**damn it my plan has been revealed*Shu.... *intense wheeze action* S-shut up!*nightmare gnome initiated*Here we go! Newer studio microphone! You can see I went for the blue color..I don't know why ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It comes with a bunch of stuff. "Pro quality, amateur prices!"Ooh, I'm impressed with that actually(what?) comes with a.. with a cable. Pop filter. Shock mount.. and we have the actual microphone!I'm super interested to hear how this sounds.*blue*I kind of like the color.. is that bad like what do you think John?*Aaa haha wait no**more friggin nightmare gnome*Okay, so this is the cheap microphone-- new air, NW-800 professional studio broadcasting and recording microphone set..So I <3 these pictures. This is like what's really, like, got me onto this microphone: 3.5millimeter Universal interface fits most of the equipments! 😀It"s such broken English-- I love it-- "totally by new technology giving the people with beauty and fashion feeling!"*more laughter bc why not*"Noble and elegant appearance!" Sooo, for the same price of this microphone you could get the Shrek Forever AfterBlu-ray, and you know it's a really good movie, I'd say.You know, but a microphone MIGHT be better value.. on the other hand for the same price as theAKG C12, you can get a2017 Nissan Versa Note S Plus, a brand new car so.. yeahIt's a bit of a difference and for the same price as one of these, you can get625 of these. (i think that's a lot)Pretty crazy. (muttering about money) Okay, so quality wise this is super plasticky, finecky..This is like made of some kind of military-grade tube(see note I agree with at bottom right), but yeahLet's, uh, let's go ahead and try them out and see how they actually sound. *beeep*Okay, so I'm gonna record with a bunch of different voices styles first you're gonna hear the microphonesexactly as they sound without any music and then you're gonna hear them mixed with background music. Okay, let's go!First off, let's try out some really low volume soft singing.♫ No, I can't hold you, darlin' ♫♫ And I can't stroke your hair ♫♫ No, I can't hold you, darlin' ♫♫ and I can't stroke your hair ♫The cheap microphone did like surprisingly well here! I can't even say which microphone I preferred.. I think this sounded about equal.That's pretty crazy considering the difference in price tag. Okay, next up. Let's try some really low registry singing.♫ In my dreams every night ♫♫ Yeah, I miss you~ ♫♫ I don't call, I don't write, but I miss you ♫*chuckles*Okay.. here, there is a bit more of a difference. You can clearly hear some noise on the cheap microphone.That's because I don't really sing that loud when I sing that low so we have to gain up more and that meant that thenoise from the cheap microphone came out a lot, but the expensive microphone had no noise whatsoever anyway. Okay, nowlet's try something a little bit louder.♫ OOOOOOOOOH~~ ♫♫ I watch you fall ♫♫ (more) OOOOOOOOOOH~~ ♫(OH JEEZ)♫ LOST IT ALLLLLLLLLLL ♫ (the mic is breaking under the pressure)♫ LOST IT ALLLLLLL ♫ (oo much better)♫ *beautiful screaming but with music* ♫Okay, so when I sing that loudly, when I really scream, the cheap microphone can like distort in itself..It sounds pretty bad. In the mix, I didn't hear it as much, but listen again to how it sounds when it's only my voice.*more yelling*Heh, that's pretty bad.. Okay.Let's try some more, like normal singing or like something in-between that's not super loud and not really, really quiet♫ We all go numb, we all go numb, we all go numb~ ♫♫ Distract ourselves so we don't see what we've become~ ♫Okay, this is weird,but I think I actually prefer what the cheap microphone did with this particularsinging style and melody. I wouldn't trust this cheap microphone probably to sound good on anythingI threw at it, but sometimes it sounds great! (who'd've thunk it)So let's try out some really ugly squeaky singing and see how these microphones work with that.(prepare your earholes)♫ Deuuu yeww know hao pewdy sais gudbai?? ♫ (im so sorry)♫ Close your hand, let's give this thing a try ♫♫ Everyone just wants to fist this guy ♫ (oh???)♫ PewDiePie, PewDiePie, yeaaah~ ♫Okay, so the expensive microphone sounded a lot more even in the bottom with this and the cheap microphone kinda like went a little bitall over the place. Okay guys, so now you're gonna hear the opinion of the guy who mixes most of the stuff for myYoutube channel, his name is Eric(whoo Eric), and he's got a company called Revenue Music Group.Hey dude, so what did you think about the microphones? Eric: To be honest, I waspretty impressed by the sheep(cheap) one. You can hear some high frequencies. *imitates a beehive*You can't actually hear the noise from a good mic. Rommie: So how about the expensive microphone?Eric: It sounds a bit muddy to be honest, but it has a lot of low-end andeh, warmth and depth. It has a cozy feeling. Rommie: Would you spend$12,500 on the expensive microphone? Eric: If I HAD twelve thousand dollars, maybe, maybe. (ONLY MAYBE?)There's a lot of good mics out there, so to be fair..Maybe, maybe, I would buy something that wasn't that expensive. 🙂 (S U R E)STUPID RICH BOI *slap*Okay, guys, so as far as my opinion goesThis is the best microphone of all time! Buy it on Amazon, 20 bucks, use my affiliate link(self promotion ftw)I will be making hella cash 😉 This one is terrible. I'm not gonna give it back.It's just too bad to give backso I'm just gonna go ahead andnot return it to the rental place prolly just gonna throw in the trash to be honest definitely not gonna keep it forever and..and cherish it, NOPE heh. This is an amazing microphone. Is $12,500 worth the microphone?I don't think so.I have another microphone here that I like moar that is cheaper, but it's a really, really good microphone.This one is really good for its price. I mean, 20 dollars!It's either this or the Shrek DVD, and you KNOW I would choose the Shrek DVD(a wise decision)But this is a close 2nd.If you're not a loud singer or something, you can get away with it. If you run an ASMR channel you can probably getaway with it if you don't moan too loudly, whatevs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) the moment you even sing medium strengthI thought that this started sounding a bit harsh. It's like it kind of starts building up some distortionIt's very sensitive(like me) Not very durable. Even sound wise, this oneI could scream on the top of my lungs on this and it survived. It was great.Anyways, thanks for watching, and I will see you next week!*background music**you should go click that btw**seriously click it**now*

This week, we compare one of the most classic microphones of all time to a $20 microphone from Amazon. We had some surprising results bruuuuuuuuuhhh

$20 Microphone:
$12500 Microphone:

Thanks to Andrew Huang, I was heavily inspired by his video:
Thanks to Eric Johansson at Revenue Music Group, who both mixed the mic samples and participated in the video!
Filmed by Jon D Barker
Edited by Jon D Barker, Roomie & Jonas Frisk


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