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Xvive U3 wireless microphone system

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what's going on everybody this is DaveI'm a DJ in Pennsylvania and I just gotthe x5 three little dongles here forwireless XLR use so you can see herethey have the XLR female on thetransmitter I always get them confusedand then we had the male on the receiverand basically all you have to do ischarge them up they come with a nicelittle handy double-ended charge cablehere you charge them up I think theytake like half an hour to charge up butonce they're all ready to go switch onthe power there select the channel youcan see I have it on channel 6 on thattransmitter get the receiver here turnthat on the book on channel 6 and thenwhat you do you go to your source for meI'm using an S 9 I just pop them in here[Music]I've been using these for longer runsand cabling instead of having to run 50or 100 feet of XLR I just plug that onein there take this guy here excuse mefor one second and then we have our inthere so the signal is going to thatdevice there and you can see in the backof that s9 I haven't plugged in to theoutput so easy currently nothing'sconnected to this speaker except forthat wireless dongle and will come inherecome in here play a quick little tunethrough the s9 and like I said you canuse this for microphones - I've beenusing it you can attach it directly toyour XLR microphone and it works justfine for creating a wireless but here wegoantsy signal is coming in all thatcoming out right over there honestlythis thing has saved me a ton of timerunning cables and it also makesbasically any XLR microphone capable ofbeing wireless without having to spend$800 or something on a side either so ohno five star device I'll come back hereand update it I'll let you guys know howit goes in the long run

Xvive U3 wireless microphone system
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XLR transmitter and XLR with any dynamic/Harmonic microphone or battery-powered condenser microphones.
Works with Any active loudspeakers, Perfect for venues,weddings and mobile DJ’s
U3 wireless aims to take the complexity and frustration, out of traditional wireless microphone systems. Creating a flexible, all-in-one solution that makes any your favorite microphones into wireless.
5 Hours of battery life (rechargeable battery for both Transmitter & Receiver)
Indoor range: Up to 90 feet (actual range depends on RF signal absorption, reflection and interference )

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