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Wireless Microphones for Computer

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what is up guys this is an f NH and newsreviews and tutorial IM reviewing abrand new product called the fie finewireless microphone i'm sure you guyshave heard of it because i do have a fewproducts product reviews of different befine microphones previously that i'vedone but this one's a brand new one itis the model number is K 0 3 1b and it'sa lavalier mic set but it's slightlydifferent in the way it is so I willshow you guys right now so alright let'sget started in terms of the box looksit's your typical box packaging that youwould get with fee fine a nice whiteminimalistic sleek design right withtheir logo in front and basicallynothing else other than productdescription and basically made in Chinaand other necessary stuff that you haveto put alright so now let's open okay soalright so the packaging comes with yourtypical user manual and a blue this islike a thank-you thank-you note by thecompany okay so yeah we got those twomesh on top sidealright so now this one includes thisUSB one type well basically the lavaliermic and this is the headset micand let's take out the heads up my firsta few hats at night and this is theBluetooth receiver okay alright so yeahso let's where to get started fromalright let's just get started with aheadset mic okay I should typicalheadset mic that you would see in theother few farm products right so this isthe connector you were connected to yourreceiver and then you were to attachyour receiver to the back of your pantsthe buckle or wherever you want and thenbasically it's wherever you will want itto be okay alright now this is the USByou're thinking what is the USB gonnawhere am I gonna put this okay so nowthis it works slightly different thishas a USB receiver not your typical theother receiver it's I believe you therewas like a set you would put somewhereand then that would be to receive it sojust one makes it a lot more portablethis one you can connect with youriPhone and your Android phone but theonly thing is you will need a dongleright so obviously for iPhone you wouldneed a lightning cable to USB donglerightI checked online you can get those foraround $20 and Android you would need aUSB either microUSB or USB type-c to USBfemale dongle okayiPhones female dongle as well so yeah itso that you can get I believe thatAndroid one slightly cheaper than theiPhone but the iPhone one was goes foraround $20 okay so that's one place youcan connect and the other place you canconnect it it is your laptop so you canput the directly in your laptop rightand start talking on the mic so you canrecord your voicestraight phone the mic to your laptopwhich I believe which i think is veryreally good because first all yourediting is done on the laptop well formost people so either way I would haveto transfer it to the laptop andall right so in a minute I'll connectthe mic and my voice will change andyou'll know how much of a difference itmakes okay so yeah now you should hearit and you see it's a big differenceokay okay oh and one thing I justnoticed on the USB is it has amicrophone headphone jack in it also soif you want to use a headphone throughthat you can use it also which is prettycool all right now let's look at theactual lavalier mic that I will be usingsome long be using that sound when youI'm gonna use this lavalier mic for thevoice test that I'm using right rightnow right so yeah you can see thelavalier mic it has a good distance interms of how long the length is that's anice clip that you can just clip on toyour shirt right it doesn't have to bedirectly under your mouth so that's goodso yeah if you guys have any questionsor comments please leave them down belowI over all I think Mike is great in thatfor around $40 on Amazon I'll leave thelink down below and I will see you guysnext time

Wireless Microphones for Computer
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[Free Your Hands And Mind]-USB Wireless System brings the convenience of wireless to your digital communications and PAs.Ease of use, accurate response and lightweight construction allowing you to roam the classroom without having to hold a microphone. ideal wireless system for recording lectures and seminars.
[Multiple Applications]-Plug-and-play operation with no driver installation required.Simply connect the wireless microphone directly to your computer via USB and start working with your favorite DAWs, VoIP communication software and applications for speech-to-text dictation.Compatible with iPads and iPhones (4S and later) using Apple’s Lightning USB Camera Adapter(Not included).Not work with speaker system,mixer even know it has a USB input.
[USB Wireless Microphone System Presentation]-Easy pairing for fast set up.Allows you to wirelessly capture stunning audio straight to your Mac/PC.Perfect for audio or video recording, Youtube streaming, capturing interviews, conducting podcasts and classroom settings.
[Headset/Lavalier Microphone Wireless Systems]-Clip on a wireless lavalier microphone for hands-free voice reinforcement.Lav mics are perfect for interviews, as well as live presenters and teachers.Headset USB Wireless System delivers high definition audio for creating videos on pc,laptops or smartphones.Ideal for public speakers, preachers and lecturers and fitness instructors.
[Interference-resistant UHF Band Operation]-The wireless receiver automatically pairs with the wireless microphone transmitter,set up is as easy as plug-and-play.No interference and stable connection in selectable UHF band.Allows you to provide audio connectionless freedom of movement up to 80′.

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