Tonor Wireless UHF Microphone ($60 for 2 Microphones) – Review/Demo

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all right hello guys it's been a minutesince I've done a video but I'm gonna bedoing a review of this toner wirelessmicrophone that is actually wireless upto a hundred and fifty feet I'll bedoing a audio quality sound qualitycheck with it talking into themicrophone as well as a distance checkto show you how far you can walk with itfrom from a wireless perspective usingthe wireless signal I want to give a bigshout-out to toner for actually sendingthe microphone for free so I couldreview it for you all check them outcheck out their other products and ifthis one is the one you want to get thengo ahead and purchase it[Music][Applause][Music]okay here's the microphoneit sounds really awesome right now Ihave it running through an audiointerface into FL Studio behind me andthen from FL Studio the audio is beingsent back to my interface and then outthe output into my phone my phonebasically my camera to record the audiodirectly into the video so there's videoand audio directly lined into the camerathis is what it sounds like as clear aspossible I do have the gain raised alittle bit on my interface to turn thevolume up on the microphone and this iswhat it sounds like there's not too muchnoise in the background it sounds justlike my natural voice no effects addedjust a clean dry sound I did notice youhave to talk directly into the top ofthe microphone if you turn themicrophone like this it doesn't pick upyour voice as much as if you talkdirectly into the microphone like thatright so you want to talk directly intothe top of the microphone if you're onstage singing or presenting to anaudience you need to make sure you'retalking directly into that top part ofthe microphone therekeep your face you know maybe an inchaway from it but fairly close because itdoes kind of lose it doesn't lose alittle bit of the sound as you move yourface away from the microphone like thatas well as for connectivity with thismicrophone you have to plug it intosomething that has a power source likean amplifier or an audio interface in astudio environment like I'm in right nowI'm using an audio interface I have twoof them but I'm using one over here forthis microphone but in like anauditorium or in like a presentationsetting you probably have an amplifieror something connecting two speakers ora PA systemokay so I'm actually I'm actuallywalking outside you should be able tosee me popping up here coming from thewindow in a second I'm gonna be doingthis to demonstrate the distance thatyou can use on the wireless microphoneI'm gonna get about 150 feet from themicrophone there's a dog barking bottlenow if you could hear that thing and asyou can see right now I'm well over hereand this thing is still working pickingup a signal and you're able to hear themicrophone so this is a distancedistance check if around anauditorium presenting to an audience oron stage you can travel really far andstill have nice signals so I'm all theway over here this thing still worksbeautifully so that's an awesomedistance check thank you for watchingsubscribe for more videos about audioequipment and again big ups at owner thecompany that sent this microphone checkthem out for other products they're agreat company awesome people and thankyou so much for watching have a greatday

Purchase link: https://www.tonordirect.com/collections/wireless-microphone/products/tn120074si

This video reviews and demonstrates the TONOR UHF 25 Channel Wireless Double Microphones. The microphone quality is great in close range (1ft – 35ft) …at a distance around 150ft, the signal can get choppy if anything is obstructing the space between the receiver and the microphone/person.

This package comes with two wireless microphones, pop screens, batteries, a quarter inch wireless receiver with a quarter inch to standard jack converter adapter, and some rubber things that I’m assuming are for a stand or something.

If you have any questions about this product, or need help setting it up/using it please leave a comment. I’ll do my best to help.

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