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99 clicking it for most infomercialsalesmen right now with this thing of$29.99[Music][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause]okay guys so I've got the microphone onand I'll be honest with you when I firstthought about reviewing this I thoughtit was just gonna be a wirelessmicrophone that I would be able to usefor my videos oh my goshif you'd agreed to test out see if thatwould work purposes and so anywaysquickly and you should be a little bitmore about the product and it hasbasically three functions it's got thisreverb like like being amplified likeI'm in a stadium and it's like helloyeah so anyways there's three differentmodes for this and it basically itvaries the amount of like I don't knowextra amplification that they call thereverb I guess or something to thateffect so this is one of them here[Music]in here this onewhich isbestyeah so right again this one has alittle bitdifferent effect to it it's one of thosethat was a little bit longerlike I like your in all firebearsthis was a little bit less this way if Iwas to use this for me for my purposes Ihope using one with the least amount ofreverb just so you can hear what I'msaying on these videos and I could bekind of hands-free to get the microphoneright here I don't have to do somethingfunky and I don't have to do the lapelmic even though that's that's fine toobut lapel mic that I do have is wiredand others and I have the headphones onhere just so I can hear what it soundslike as we're recording this yeah I meanI can picture working this out to likean external speaker somewhere so ifyou're trying to you know get some goodsound out you're talking to this mightbe up your alley and I was just lookingat some of the packages here and thestuff the stuff of the package did ithas the charging cable this charges themicroUSB[Music]thanks it's got to because you have tocharge this and you have to charge theother Wireless it's after the plugs inthis is actually plugged into my Canoncamera it has a mic they also give youthis attachment as well my soundboardopposed to do that or something likethat it's got a little extension herefor you to plug in your maybe theextension of that it goes into thecamera or though[Music][Music][Music]this one's my favorite I think yeah youknow maybe you know to the speaker I'mgonna put this down just on the tablehere from the microphone so you can heareverything but basically yeah I couldpicture some goodness structure usingthis someone who just wants to amplifytheir voice a little bit I mean I can'teven imagine like like putting thespeaker maybe in closer to the crowdwhile you're behind just so they canhear you betteryou don't have to be right there next toit yeah you could you could makeadjustments here you can put it awayfrom your face so it's not so poppy it'sjust still good but they could comeright real close if you want to yeah Ithink this is neat I could I could pickI don't know I know how I'm gonna use itI think I'm gonna hold onto this oneyeah I don't know maybe I could findsomething I don't know maybe whether itmay be in the p.i world or my healthcoaching world I definitely could find apurpose for this which is yeah I thinkthis is pretty neat I I think you couldprobably find some uses used for thiswell whether it be you know if you ifyou are on a fitness instructor orsomething like that or you do you knowmaybe it's at a weddingor maybe you want to just do talks andyou want to be able to kind of behands-free and have people here ofcourse you have to plug this into itsome kind of speaker but this is yeahthis is really cool yeah I like just tobe able to you know walk away just walkaround just talk and all I got to worryabout and it's really comfortable by theway I don't even think I've talked aboutthat this kind of fits over the yearslove you can see this we're back back onmy head here it's kind of wraps aroundjust fits nicely and again he could youknow help with the different sound andcome back further welcome back littlecloser and justice and also as thevolume as well you can turn that up orturn that down this is turning it down Ibelieve yeah my see if I could turn itup here it's vice versano that was turned it down oh let's seethe microphone difference a lotdifferent right now I turned it downhere goes getting louder yeah let's seethat that's we're out and then you knowof course maybe get test this out aheadof time okay but I'm dragging this ondefinitely check this outthis is from toner they make a great Imean that a great product this is a nicelittle headset mic alright guys thankyou for checking this out and I hope tosee you guys on the next one I'll put aformal written review in this as well soyou can check that out I have anaffiliate link in the description belowyeah so anyways I enjoyed reviewing thisproduct and use the I felt like I willget a small Commission should you usethat link but I appreciate it that helpsme get more products to review for youand you know you might find helpfulalright guys thank you[Music][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]

Here is the affiliate link to this product – https://amzn.to/2A0tKG9
Should you purchase this through my link I will receive a small commission at no extra charge to you.

Long story short, I did like this and I think there could be a use for this in my life for making videos or when having a vendor booth of some sort. Many investigation firms always have booths but I don’t think I have seen anyone leverage a wireless microphone before. Definitely, something to consider.

Technical Parameters:
Working Band: UHF
Variable Channel: CH01-CH10
Working Distance: 50 feet / 15m
Distortion: ≤ 0.5%
DSP Sound Effect: Hosting, KTV and Stream 3 mode
Pickup: Electret condenser microphone core
Power Supply: Built-in rechangable lithium battery(Battery include)
Headset Mic Size: Normal state – 6.5 x 5.5 Inch/ 165 x 140 mm
Receiver Size: 3.2 x 0.99 Inch/81.4 x 25.2 mm
Package Size: 6.2 x 1.6 x 5.3 Inch/ 158 x 40 x 135 mm
Headset Weight: 0.092 lb/ 0.042 KG
Receiver Weight: 0.044 lb/ 0.02KG
Package Weight: 0.348 lb/ 0.158KG

Package List:
1 x Headset Mic
1 x 3.5mm Receiver
1 x 3.5 to 6.5mm joint
2 x USB Charging Line
1 x 3.5mm Transfer Line
1 x User Manual

No products available.

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