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how's gone everybody welcome back to thevlog is not a normal blog I'm actuallygonna review something todaybitch go get it this is what we'rereviewing today this is a USB microphonefor your computer you can use it whileyou're gaming I think I usually don'tmake videos like this but if this issomething that you weren't reallyplanning on watching no worries I'mgonna post another video soon so juststay with me this company reached out tome and wanted me to review it so this isgoing to be my comprehensive review ofthe five fine k66 8 for Windows and notfirst let's unbox[Music][Music]first of all this thing feels like it'sokay so first of all this thing is madeit feels made top if the metal is prettyamazing so the other thing is is likewhy should you buy it so I think weshould test this based on like what youwould actually use audio so maybe likeAudio coming in from a computer audiocoming from maybe a camera an audiocoming from the mic and then that wayyou guys can see the difference incomparison but other than that thislittle socket that goes on top okay coolI like it so far so good this is my thisis Don's computer plug it in USB insidevery simple under input click on USB PNPaudio device I'm gonna put it right inthe middle does I don't want no peekingand now I'm just gonna record so goinginto a simple recorder I just downloadit for free all right so I'm justtalking just to show you this isactually coming from the laptop I'm justtalking into the screen not into thescreen but into the laptop and I havemusic in the background just to show youhow much the mic can pick up how much itpicks up the background gives you a goodidea of what's happening I'm going toshow you what the canon g7x camerasounds like this is the audio that'scoming out of the canon g7x this is whatit sounds like with the music in thebackground with the camera rolling I'mgonna do maybe another test with mayberecording right from my iPhone I don'tknow I'm just giving you guys differentlike things to compare the mic to rightbecause this is what is all about Mikeright so this is the camera you can hearit kind of hear ambient noisesthey come from back maybe like the poleand like see so yeah that's the cameraand now I'm gonna switch over to myiPhone let's see what this isalright so I'm recording using justvoice memo here we gorecording through the mic through myiphone six-plus just talking pretty faraway from my mouth I'm just trying tofigure out like if you're recordingaudio what were you doing maybe usingival obviously if you're gonna recordsomething I don't have fancy mics sothis is gonna be like you know usingwhat I have around the house to recordmyself but obviously if you have like aboom mic or any of those professionalmics that would help a lot better itwould be a lot better thankscomparison is this is the iPhone this isthe mic this is what it sounds likeactually let me put the music on in thebackground so this is the music in thebackground I'm talking to Mike and yeahI don't know you know this is what itwould sound like if I had a podcastpretty clear I think I overheard it whenI was kind of testing it earlier to seewhat kind of audio it was producing butit was it sounded pretty good so I'mdefinitely looking forward to puttingthis video together and showing you guyshow awesome this audio is not to mentionthat the price of this mic is prettypretty insane pretty cheap so yeah solet me know what you think let me knowif this is review was helpful if I hadbetter mics I could I'd show you othermics but I don't so this is what you getso yeah so hopefully you guys enjoyedthat let me know if you like the mic letme know if there's anything else youwant me to reviewyou guys keep our vlog life alive pleasedon't forget to Like and subscribe andyou guys will see us next week foranother[Music]

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