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[Music][Music]what's up guys trail all here andtoday's tech item is for anyone outthere that attends conferences businessmeetings you name it a one-of-a-kindthrowable microphone from the guys overat catch box coming up next so a fewdays ago the catch box Pro arrived at myfront doorstep and I got to be honestwith you as somebody that films a lot ofevents and does recap videos one thingthat I find is that a lot of theseevents people are having to walk up topodiums or microphones to speak and thecatch box brings a different element tothe table now one thing that I'm lookingfor in regards to this Pro model is I'mlooking for functionality I'm lookingfor looks and I'm also looking foroverall durability of the product andfrom what I can tell so far I got to behonest with you this thing's prettysweet so let's talk about thefunctionality of the catch box Pro thecatch box Pro in a nutshell is athrowable microphone that convertsexisting belt packs or transmitters akalavalier microphones into basicallythrowable microphones so the first stepis going to be removing the catch boxmicrophone a housing unit out of yourphone catch box now as we can see it'ssurrounded with velcro which is a nicetouch so that you can how's yourlavalier microphone within the catch boxas you guys can see there's an on/offswitch that is basically going to allowfor your receiver or your lavalier micto communicate with the catch box alsothe housing unit for your microphone isnicely fit for sure mics Arg andSteinhauser microphones there's a phonecovering on the top of the catch boxwhich protects the r/t built-inmicrophone for the use of the catch boxany of you out there concerned aboutconnecting your lavalier set to thecatch box catch box convenientlysupplies three different connectordevices for the three different modelsof microphones that will adapt to thecatch box like I said this convenientlycomes in handy for Steinhausermicrophones Arg and sure microphoneswhen removing the velcro you'll see thatthere's one little adapter hole for youradapter that's going to fit right inthere and once that's in this is whenwe're going to move to the next stepwhich is attaching your love micwhen connecting your microphone simplyyou're going to screw it in to yourlavalier receiver and we're then goingto easily slide it within the catch boxtuck our wires in nice and safely takeour velcro wrap it around take the foammake sure our mic is nice and tucked inand voila now it's time for your catchbox microphone set to go back in thefoam casing and you know what your readyto go okay so now that we have basicallywalked through the basics of the catchbox the one thing I really wanted togive you guys an example of is how theaudio works and so this last portion ofthe video we're going to completely filmwith the catch box with the Steinhausermic directly in the can give you guys anunderstanding of how this works andright now throwing it around so Iactually do not know if it's the onlything I can say is it probably is butthen once held in hand steadycheck check check Mike check and this iswhere the catch pot comes in handy a lotof you guys if you go to any kind ofconferences or events a lot of timespeople are walking up to a mic standwith the catch box one thing that you'regoing to be able to do is engage youraudience through several different waysso when this thing is being tossedthrough the airit's gonna make your audience have to bealert it's gonna make your audienceafter interact and it's gonna make themkind of in a sense get off their phonesand pay attention to what's going onalso it's going to quickly be able togive the microphone to other people inthe audience and that's kind of a nicefeature because a lot of times whenyou're at events someone's having towalk up to the podium which takesforever or in a lot of cases someone'swalking around with the mic two-handedto the audience members that want to askquestion look at the catch box simplyyou just throw it to the audience memberthey hold it in their hand if they'dlike there's this nice little strapunderneath so that they can hold it likethis and talk all I've got to say issuper lightweight super foamy andhonestly just something to kind of spiceup a QA session at an event at aconference and even a meeting you nameit the catch box is coming through nowone thing I'll tell you is I happen toget the pro model which means you'regonna have to have your own lavalier setso receiver and mic but they do haveother models the plus and I forget theother one but those are gonna come withdifferent specifications differentranges and even one of the models whichis a little bit more expensive but Ihighly recommend it's going to come asan all-in-one package so you're notgonna have to have your own mic allyou're gonna have to do is basicallyinside of the catch box everything isbuilt-in and you're gonna have awireless receiver and it's just going tobe an all-in-one set so that might be anoption from some of you guys out thereyou're also going to be able tocustomize your unit and as you can seemine is done in the Lowell productionsbranding which has been incredible I'mgonna be honest with you I've had mydoubts when I was going to be receivingthe catch box if the colors of my logoor even my background colors would becoming out because they are not yourtraditional color set this is almost asuper dark blue slash green with alittle bit of a vignette on itso it makes it a little bit darker andI've got to be honest with you when Ifirst got it out of the box I was moresoblown away by the quality as far as thestitching goes on the box it looks veryhigh-quality they're going to give youthe capability to put lowon all four sides if you do go to theirwebsite like I said I chose to put oneon the front and one on the back but Igot to be honest with you if I weregoing to change anything about the box Iwould have not put my logo on the sameside as the catch box little logo mywife was the one that brought that upand so for any of you guys out therethat are looking into it make sure thatwherever you decide to place your logomaybe it doesn't coincide with the catchbox it doesn't really bother me but it'ssomething I want to put on your radarand like I said you're going to be ableto put logos you're going to be able toput websites you name it and that's justa nice touch for those that are outthere wanting to brand their event oralso are going to be filming it this isa nice touch when it's flying throughthe air and people are catching it andyour audience is having fun and engagingwith whatever you're either talkingabout or doing overall I'm really justinterested to hear this audio to see howthis item performs over the next fewmonths as I conduct a couple of morerecap event videos and actually amfilming and interacting with others andthe catch box but if you're interestedin a catch box for your company or maybefor even your own personal needs go tocatch box comm like I said these guysthey sent me this product but I reallydon't have much to compare it to butit's a one-of-a-kind item that I'mreally pumped to not only use but alsoto promote as far as for fun for eventsand for overall just getting people offtheir butts and interacting withwhatever you are doing at your event oryour meeting so hey guys it's TreyLowell with loyal production and asalways if you like the content go aheadand hit that like button if you likethis channel go ahead and hit thatsubscribe button and as always I'll seeyou guys in the next video and a specialthanks to the guys over at catch box gocheck them out on Instagram Facebook andYouTubetheir products so far have been amazingand I can't wait to review some moreitems from the guys over thereI'll see you guys later[Music]


The #Catchbox Pro is a module, converting existing beltpack transmitters, or lavalier microphones, into throwable microphones. This means it is easy to integrate with any event that already has a working wireless microphone setup. Users simply connect their existing beltpack transmitter into the Catchbox Pro’s built in mic and Automute electronics.
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