Tonor Wireless Microphone Set Unboxing and Review (Great for Muscians, Singers, Speeches etc.)

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[Music]you guys is Taylor and today we're gonnahave a look at the tonal wirelessmicrophone it's going to be a reallycool microphone and it's completelywireless and the original person islinked to my we've done the descriptionwe're going to unbox it and review it inthis video the Box I've got a total logoon the top wireless microphonelong-range wireless signal arch 150 footof powerful uninterrupted wirelesstransmission signal sounds so coolthat's what the go over there sayingapparently yeah so that's pretty much itum go around the box like this littlepaint splatter style sound so cool Ithink that's probably one of their youknow sayings or whateverlet's cut open the box coollet's open it up let's see what we haveinside the box so it's a very simplecheap quality cardboard I mean itdoesn't really feel premium doesn't lookpremium it's just a really basic boxreally I want to turn on microphone whatseems to be a little quick little QuickStart Guide maybe you'll flip thingsyeah so you've got some of the specsover here if you want to pause it andcheck it out you can go ahead and pausethe video right now and check out allthese specs if you see here the mainthing is the working range of up to 50meters that carrier frequency range howmany decibels I mentioned LIF your mindrechargeable battery 500 ma so it's gotfound Jeremy rechargeable batterybattery laughing up to six hours andcharging time takes about one hour witha one amp charger go ahead and grab themicrophone here it is it feels a verylightweight actually I'm a little lightthat's full very lightweight so this isthe microphone actual quality of themicrophone down this wasfeels good quality doesn't have somejuice in it let's see just how you poweron are we really gonna have to figureout how to use this oh it looks like youneed to put the batteries inside of itfirst obviously of course so I'm gonnause it of course I'll try it out firstsee how it is the sound you listening toright now is just a normal sound from mycamera so if I put that to one side I'veknown what goes off what else do we havewe have this wireless adapter so thisthis is the actual thing that makes itWireless so you can see here it's gotthe adapter end what they won clearly wepinnedwe've got USB 5 volts from the powercable here so I think this has batteryso this is what's rechargeable wirelessmicrophone this we're not here UHF autosync so that's pretty coolso that's the thing you plug this intoyour devices this wirelessly connects tothe microphone and that's what causes itto work wirelessly we've got this overhere not sure what this is I'm lookingthis probably goes through here andslots in the top over here take it hardlike thatI think that's that for not really forguys I mean I don't really know a lotabout microphones to be honest I'm notreally much of a musician they say but Ithink that's what it is i mean i doing alittle bit of that music we don'tconvert here as well so you can convertthat obviously pin it into a 3.5millimeter glittery pin like sovery nice nice like that comes includedthat could be very useful this adaptorso that's awesome we do have the microUSB to USB charging port charging cableto try to go wireless device and if welike - here we do have some batteries aswell to actually power on the microphoneso it's nice that includes somebatteries alkaline golden Powerso I mean they're not really highquality batteries by it's nice thatbatteries are includedand then we got the little cover thatgoes on top of the muffler whatever youwant to call it that goes on top of themicrophone and seems very tight so tryto really pull down on it and hopefullyit would look quite cool once this is onyeah tight fits used in this better sothere you go and then hush normallymuffles any sound or getting when youget too close to it the air Curie overloud banging noises that are usuallyhelps so that's really good that's allwe do get in the boxI'm not gonna lie I'm gonna have to tryout the microphone to see what it's likeand then if I can hopefully be able toput it on the video so you can hear metalk using the actual microphone so youguys can see the self away yeah so let'sput some batteries in this power on andI'm gonna check it out and there we'llbe back with the reading[Music]so what you're listening to now is themicrophone without the wind cover or thefoam whatever you like to call itwindshield some people call them as wellso it's not actually called a muffler iscalled a foam or wind coverso it's obviously used to protect thesound of the wind so if you're outsideand you pawned this cover it just getsrid of that muffle sound or wind and theblowing sound and also when you're putup mic too close to your mouth or toyour lips hopefully yes we know thatsound but sauce that's what is useful sothis is the sound room of it without thewind coverand the sound quality I believe you canhear it yourself I think it is it'squite crispy it's quite clear but it's alittle bit on the quiet side and theresometimes you do get a little high pitchlow pitch sounds bit random I alldepends on how close shots you got alittle sort stay the same distance so ifyou move back and forward a bit so I'mjust gonna move back and forward a bitright now so now I'm a little bitfurther again to the microphone closerto the microphone sorry so that's thedifference a hosted a microphone now andnow I'm a little bit further away nowI'm about but all 3 inches away from themicrophone so this way it's what soundslike so this is the part that you pluginto your computer or your machinewhatever using that will go straightinto your amp or your speaker's whateverusing mini comedy video adapter you cansee once you power it on you could justturn on the transmitter on and you turnon the microphone and I'll show youturned on you can see that middle lightturns on which is the frequency liciousjust assure it's been connected to themicrophone and as soon as you turn onthe microphone and to turn on thetransmitter the fricassee hasautomatically been set and it willautomatically connect to transmit andour fingers as soon as you start talkingthrough the microphone the light will gogreen so as you can see right there I'mtalking for the microphone the light isgoing green so it picks up your soundand it basically confirms that it didreceive a sound wave and that soundwhere basically goes onto your deviceyour speaker or your laptop or whateverso it's a 50 meters of distance which isreally really good so I mean let's sayyou use it for speeches of singing Imean that's mainly what she's not reallyfor you to being or doing voiceovers oranything like that so speaking andsinging would be really good I mean 50meters of distance is quite a good goodthing so I'm gonna put on that windcover on it now so the foam mmm I'mliterally gonna put that on now on themicrophone so let me put onto himI'll just put it on now so you meup thisis what it sounds like with the foam onhopefully it's probably a little bitmore quiet or maybe you know hear much adifference but it's the Sweeney court soif you open up the compartment thebottom up here you can actually changethe frequency channels pop I step onI wouldn't suggest pressing that buttonunless you actually know the channel wegonna set it to because it's a reallypreset to a watch and it's meant to bein order to the wireless transmitter butother than that I think it's a reallybig market mistake it's steam even thetransmitter feels really nice milkquality as well and they're not cheapplastics anywhere it looks and otherthan that I think it's really good so ifyou are a person that needs a microphonefor speeches or singing not read if youtubing to be honest not really doingcovers or no videos but music I fitspeak good so link to our padamdescription as always very intimate likeends up[Music]

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