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hey guys welcome back to my channel Ihave a special unboxing video for youguys this was sent from the finetechnologies to unbox test and reviewone of their products so let's go aheadand get into it just one more thingbefore we get into the unboxing video Ijust have to say thank you to be finetechnologies for sending this to me totry out for them I really appreciate itso thank you again hey guys new unboxingvideo I'll bring you guys so let's goahead and get this open okay and we havethree fine technologies now this is thebe finePC desktop mic so let's go ahead and getthis box open now I'll show you what'sinside it[Music]okay there's top of the lid off throughthis so they send you thanking you forbuying your product here's the userguide for the few signs technology cage670 now we're going to get into themicrophones stuff like that sothis is the base pretty heavy - can'tbelieve how honey badgers[Applause]here's the microphoneso there's the mic back you have somenice weight to itthat seems like a good joke all's wellcrews they give you to tighten likething downhere's your cable[Music]that is the stand for the mic somethingnotes what goes in to the mic cuts rightthere but there so I don't lose it and[Music]the mic holder itself so let's go aheadget these all the packets get the micholder right here that I believe was inthe right place so we're gonna get thisall set up and see how the mic works heyguys so I got the mic all set up so thisis what it looks like when it's alltogether very nice mic good bill call doyou like it so let's go ahead and testthis out and see how sound quality isthis ithey guys so I have the mic right hereand all the audio you guys are hearingfrom it is coming from this one micright now Oh basically I like to buildquality good build it's nice and sturdyand nice and heavy too like I wannaexpect that from a mic around this pricerange but for what you're paying forthis mic it's really good really goodbuild quality nice and sturdy and theone thing I like about this mic is ithas a volume control so you guys cancontrol the volume as well and you canalso put headphones in so you guys canhear yourself talk and see if the audiois perfect for you guys or if you wantturn it up just a little bit louderbut I'm really impressed I have to givebe flying technologies an A+ on this isreally good build and for what you'repaying good sound quality as well butthat is it for my unboxing my testingand my review on it if you guys want oneyourself I'll put the link down thedescription so you guys can go check itout and hopefully order one I will tellyou I will be using this mic a lot forvideo interviews and other videos I doon my channel but you gotta hand it tobe fine they did an amazing job on thisand thank you again but that is ithopefully you guys enjoyed this video ifyou did make sure you guys hit that likebutton and see you guys are new to thechannel don't forget to hit thatsubscribe button and I'll see you guyson a new video thanks for watching andI'll see you guys later

Unboxing and Review of the Fifine K031 USB Wireless Microphone

A representative from Fifine technology had gotten in contact with me asking if I was interested in testing out some of their other products. I said yes I was interested and they send me the fifine K670 USB desktop Mic. So in return they ask me to do a review for them.

USB Microphone,FIFINE PC Microphone for Mac and Windows Computers,Optimized for Recording,Streaming Twitch,Voice overs,Podcasting for Youtube,Skype chats.(K670) https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07DWBXNMS?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf

For the iPhone adapter
aceyoon Lightning to USB Camera Adapter Lightning Female Port Sync Photo & Vedio iPhone to USB Female Camera Viewer Compatible iPhone X / 8/7, iPad, iPod https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0794X5NMX?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf

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