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7 Best Buy Video Microphones Review 2018

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welcome to another video of best dealscheck the description below as discountsand coupons will only be valid throughthose links[Music]hey guys just wanted to share with youour new special blend here this week atCleveland's it's made by our friendsdown a little marionette and that's forthe sanchez number seven[Music]and I just played soccer um I totallysmashed in 6040 nowhere near your pizza[Music]hey guys it's Rosemarie here I finallymade it to the cherry blossom festivalthat I told you about and if you lookbehind me it is absolutely incrediblethe season only lasts for one more weekso make sure that you get down here andif you post pictures tag me so that Ican seethe driver says skip and the wingmanwants to listen to the song there'sthree times that you can say no I'm notskipping this song I think that's reallyreasonable to take a break[Music]beautiful woman funny it's not it'sactually quite windy yeah a little bitchilly but we wish you were here exactlywe do and we'll see you soonvery soon[Music][Music]hey guys Justin here with Momowe're going to be taking a look at theVXR 10 universal cardioid microphonefrom ovo well check out all the devicesthat we can use it with we'll also checkout what comes inside the box and we'lleven get a sample of what the micactually sounds like here in the frontof the box it shows us what types ofdevices the microphone is compatiblewith on the back we can learn about moreof the features and specifications ofthe microphone as well first up themanual this goes into a lot more detailon the specifications and features ofthe microphone it also lets us knowdifferent ways to use the microphonewhich we're going to check out here injust a minute we have the happy nothappy comic cart let you know how toreach out to mobo if you have anyquestions or comments and here we havethe two connectors which will allow usto hook the microphone up to a varietyof different devicesfirst is the 3.5 millimeter trrsconnector this will allow you to hook upthe microphone to a smartphone tablet ora Mac and next up we have the 3.5milimeter TRS connector which you canuse to connect to DSLR camerascamcordersaudio recorders and other audio/videorecording devices and here we have theVXR microphone itself which comes withthe furry windscreen already attached ifyou want to take that off just gentlypull the microphone out of there andit'll come right out you can use it withor without the windscreen and that alldepends on what you're going to berecording and we're right here on thebottom of the microphone is that 3.5millimeter jack now it's where you'regoing to plug in one of those connectorsdepending on the type of device thatyou'll be using the microphone with nextup we have the shock mount this is whatyou're going to use to connect yourmicrophone either to your DSLR camera orto some other type of now here on thebottom it's easy to see that this can beattached to any standard tripod or acold or hot shoe mount just depending onwhat you want to hook it up to and lastbut not least we have an ice bag thatcomes with the microphone this is whatyou can use to keep it safe and securewhen the microphone is not being usedand here are some of the devices thatyou can use the VXR 10 with I'm going tobeusing it with my smartphone here that Ihave hooked up to Lobos pr1 mount whichmakes it easy to connect right on thetop since I'm going to be using themicrophone with my smartphone I need topull out that 3.5 millimeter trrsconnector I'm simply going to take themicrophone end of that connector plug itinto the VXR 10 make sure it snaps inall the way now I want to connect thisto my mouth the mount that I'm usinglike I said is the PR one it's a smartgrip that's intended to use assmartphones check out a video on that ifyou're curious to learn a little bitmore take the microphone that's on theshock mount and slide it into the coldshoe adapter tighten it down and makesure it's tighten all the way because Idon't want the mic to go anywhere andthen you should be good to go the onlything left to do now plug in thatmicrophone and hit record we're all setup let's go ahead and see how it soundsyou're now listening to me through theVXR 10 universal cardioid microphone Ihave it plugged into my HTC 10 and atopthe PR one smart grip from mobo willcompare the VXR 10 microphone to theonboard microphone on my HTC 10 and thenwe'll back it up and see what thedifference is like on both microphonesadd a little bit more distance how muchwood could a woodchuck chuck if awoodchuck could chuck wood how much woodcould a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuckcould chuck wood how much wood could awoodchuck chuck if a woodchuck couldchuck wood how much wood could awoodchuck chuck if a woodchuck couldchuck wood how much wood could awoodchuck chuck if a woodchuck couldchuck wood how much wood could awoodchuck chuck if a woodchuck couldchuck wood and there you have it the VXR10 universal cardioid microphone fromlow though i hope that this video gaveyou a little bit more insight on how youcan use the microphone with differentdevices that you may have as always ifyou have any questions or commentsplease don't hesitate to reach out to uswe love hearing from you guys thanks forwatching and we'll see you next time[Music][Music][Applause]you[Music][Music][Music][Music]hey guys Ryan here at Road microphonesand this is the videomic meit's the latest addition to our videomic range of microphones and it'sdesigned to help you get better audio inthe videos that you shoot every singleday on your smartphone now the videomicme is a directional microphone that'sdesigned to help you get better audiodirectly with any video shot on your iOSor Android device it's a directionalmicrophone and it actually cancels outsound that comes in from the rear of themicrophone and only picks up the soundin the direction that you want to recordso whether you're mounting the phone andrecording directly in front of you andcancelling out any sounds from behindyou or whether you're mounting it inselfie mode and wanting to cancel outany of the sounds in front of you likecrowd noise or traffic noise and thevideomic me is a perfect mic to get ridof those sounds that you don't like nowin the back of the mic is a headsetoutput jack so that you can actuallylisten to the audio as you record it andmake sure that you're getting exactlywhat you wantnow often what happens when you'rerecording outdoors in a windyenvironment you'll often hear the windreacting with the microphone making itreally rumbly and very hard to hear soto combat that we're actually supplyingit with a windsock which goes straightonto the end of the microphone and itmeans you can record even in very windyenvironments outside and get totallyclean audio the video mic me is designedto fit a wide range of different devicesincluding both iOS and Android devicesas long as the headset input on thedevice is on the opposite side to theactual camera itself purely so that youdon't see the microphone when you'refilming straight ahead now it comes witha little adjustment on the back so thatit can be mounted on a wide range ofdifferent devices regardless of whetheryou have a case on or not that mount canbe simply adjusted by just twisting itoff and then squeezing it on against thebody of the device itself to get it tothe perfect thickness and keep it therenice and secure so there you have itguys that's the videomic me I think it'stime to all get much better audio withthe videos that we're shooting everysingle dayyou[Music]vpat three lens hopper camera mountcondenser microphone the vpat three lenshopper camera mount condenser microphonecaptures detailed high-definition audiothe ultra compact condenser shotgunmicrophone easily mounts onto camcordersand DSLR cameras and providesexceptional audio performance witheasy-to-use controls the highlydirectional super cardioid low bar polarpattern clearly captures the intendedsound source while rejecting unwantedbackground noise its superior RFimmunity minimizes unwanted audioartifacts from cellular and RF devices athree position gain switch and low-cutfilter switch are easily accessible onthe back of the microphone and enablequick adjustments for differentrecording environments just one double aalkaline battery will give you up to 130hours of battery life an integrated 3.5millimeter coiled audio cable allows forquick connection to any camera orrecording device and the standard sizeshoe mount with a quarter inch threadedbase works for camera use or easymounting on a standard camera tripod anintegrated custom-designed Rycote wireshock mount ensures superior isolationfrom vibration and mechanical noise aRycote foam windscreen is included toreduce unwanted noise from wind withoutaffecting sound quality an optionalRycote wing jammer minimizes wind noisein extreme environmentswith its ultra lightweight yet durableall-metal construction the vpat threelens hopper is the reliable solution fordigital filmmakers who requireexceptionalaudio quality vp8 III lens hopper cameramount condenser microphone[Music][Music]hi everyone Ryan here at rode the rodevideomic pro has been the world'sleading microphone choice forprofessional on-camera audio over thepast five years it's lightweight andsmall form-factor makes a convenient tomount atop your camera while its highquality microphone capsule paired withextremely low noise electronics hashelped countless camera operatorscapture professional quality audio forDSLR and mirrorless camera operators theinnovative plus 20 DB level boost hasallowed them to capture audio withoutthe cameras internal noise floorinterfering the video mic Pro is anincredible microphone and today I'mhappy to tell you that it just got evenbetterintroducing the new rode videomic prothe new rode videomic pro featuresReichert's famous liar suspension systemmade from an advanced thermoplastic thatexhibits exceptional suspensionproperties isolating your microphonefrom handling noise the lyre suspensionwill never snap bend or break ensuringthat your suspension system never needsreplacement a completely new capsuleprovides even the lowest self noise andhigher sensitivity than the originalmodel ensuring that you capturecrystal-clear audio every time the newdesign retains the audio controls of theoriginal model with a high-pass filterset at 80 Hertz to enable you to cut outlow frequency noise such as trafficnoise or the low rumble of an airconditioning unit without affecting thepickup of the essential human voicefrequencies a -10 DB pad and now wasrecording in extremely loud environmentswhile the famous plus 20 DB boostenables you to reduce the preamp volumeof your DSLR or mirrorless camerasimultaneously reducing the camera'sself noise level and enabling you tocapture crystal-clear audio every timewe will appreciate your likes andcomments enjoy your savings andsubscribe for new deals

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Looking for the Best Video Microphones?
Check out those 7 Best Buy Video Microphones Review 2018.

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